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Let go of tinnitus with Quieten
Learn how to calm the ringing in your ears from one of the UK’s most experienced therapists who got back to silence himself.

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Julian Cowan Hill

Julian Cowan Hill got back to silence after 20 years of tinnitus and has helped over 800 people improve their symptoms. Having been through this journey himself, Julian understands what you are going through and can provide support, techniques and approaches that can help you.


Helpful Videos

Quieten helps you develop a positive mindset towards this temporary condition and a better understanding of how tinnitus works. This series of videos and talks show you how to:

  • distract out of your head and into your body

  • build up an effective support network

  • stop listening out for danger

  • come out of red-alert

  • stop catastrophizing

  • avoid negativity

  • self-soothe

  • settle

Let Go of Tinnitus

When you feel safer your auditory system switches off its hyper-vigilance and ignores background sounds inside your body and in the environment around you. Quieten gives you lots of practical advice learnt from hard-earned clinical and personal experience. Safe, healthy practices help your hearing settle naturally.

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Benefits of the app

Tinnitus: From Tyrant to Friend

Tinnitus, From Tyrant to Friend: How to Let Go of the ringing in your ears by Julian Cowan Hill Available to buy and download now from Amazon


Privacy Policy

Please note that Quieten does not hold any of your personal or banking information. All of your transactions and data are processed by Google or Apple and are not shared with Quieten or anyone connected with this App.

Privacy Policy
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